Top 10 Mother’s Day Recipes To Wow Mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we have the Top 10 Mother’s Day Recipes To Wow Mom.

By mom, I mean your own mother, a step-mom or someone who is mother to furry kids. I believe cat moms or doggie moms deserve to be to honored too. I also believe:

Cooking is love made visible.

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According to a study by Finlandia Cheese which tracked the “most loved” recipes of thousands of American moms who visited their website — both Butter Poached Shrimp (savory) and Toasted Chocolate Banana Croissants (sweet) top the list of what moms most want to be served for Mother’s Day 2016.

Scroll down for the savory and sweet recipes.

This is kind of personal. You see, my parents were born in Finland and while I’m a Canadian living in the U.S., I’m proud to have dual citizenship (Canadian and Finnish). There aren’t a lot of Finns in the world so whenever there is a reason to show off something fabulous and Finnish, I do. Finns are weird and wonderful. It’s not in their DNA to brag. It’s considered impolite, but slowly they’re waking up and smelling the coffee (I’m salivating at the thought of my favorite Finnish coffee).

Goodness is measured by seven criteria including quality of life. Organic, healthy and natural is expected in an eco-friendly country of abundant natural resources.

Finns make some of the best products in the world, have world renowned art & culture design, architecture, music, the #1 best education system in the world and some of the best dairy products like Finlandia cheese and Finlandia butter.

The first time I tasted Finnish dairy products as a teen visiting Finland, it blew my mind. Who knew butter could taste so sweet?

Everything tasted so fresh and different, it sparked my interest in cooking and I’ve been a passionate foodie since. The only problem was Finnish foods weren’t widely exported or available. Luckily, one of my fave Finnish brands, Finlandia is now available at a store near you. Spread the love with your mom and pick your favorite recipe or two.

1. Butter Poached Shrimp
2. Canadian Bacon Toasted Sliders
3. Gouda Cheese Biscuits with Bacon:
4. Frittata El Jamón with Muenster Cheese:
5. Princely Pasta Primavera with Monterey Jack Cheese:
top 10 _mother's _day_recipes
1.  Toasted Chocolate Banana Croissants
2. Apple Cinnamon Grilled Cheese:
3. Cherry Almond Toasted Brioche
4. Cranberry Crumb Muffin
5. Classic Butter Pound Cake with Sweet Butter Glaze

Happy Mother’s Day! And you know we’re partial to cat moms at our sister site Cat Wisdom 101


Happy Mother's Day

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