Why #WaterIs Everything

world water day- layla morgan wilde #waterIs

March 22 is #WorldWaterDay and I’m joining World Vision to spread awareness for people around the globe who need safe water sources. Despite impressive gains made over the last decade, 748 million people do not have access to an improved source of drinking water and 2.5 billion do not use an improved sanitation facility. Pretty mind blowing when most Americans think nothing of taking a long shower. Today, I urge you to do something to help make a difference because #WaterIs everything.

Take a Short Shower: Keep track of time spent showering as a reminder of the water shortage around the world. An American that takes only a five minute shower has already used more than an entire day’s worth of water for the average person in a developing country’s slum.

Make a Home Cooked Meal: Skip a restaurant meal and eat in. Use the time at home to talk about the need for water and donate money saved by cooking at home to give clean, life-giving water. A gift of $50 provides one new person with clean water.

Visit UNWater.org for other  ideas, tools and events. If sharing this post on social media use the hashtags #WaterIs #WorldWaterDay #WaterNow

I’m loving the  fresh as spring silk scarf from the World Vision Gift Catalog.  The blend of soft colors emulates the purifying qualities of water and the vibrant life that it sustains. FTC disclaimer: I received the scarf as a gift from World Vision but the views at this blog are always 100% my own.

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