You Won’t Want A Private Jet To Travel Here

Last week I blogged about the joys of travel even in crappy situations but the truth is you don’t need to travel. Travel expands your minds and stretches horizons but inner  journeys go farther.  I’ve finally gotten to enjoy Instagram  in a weird mix of wonder and puzzlement. There was a selfie of unhappy looking hip hop star in a private jet with a bazillion likes and another of his artificially bouncey girlfriend who said she was sad because her dog just died. Millions may envy or want their lifestyle but all I felt was the emptiness, of lives lived very publicly on the surface. I wanted to reach and say, dive down to your soul,  scrape  off  the veneer but it’s their journey not mine.  One day they’ll figure out all the travel in private jets in the world won’t heal a broken heart or give a shortcut to happiness.

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One thought on “You Won’t Want A Private Jet To Travel Here”

  1. So true and no matter how many celebrities who have been through hell and said money and fame meant nothing compared to those who were there, what they learned about themselves, the next generation of young stars seems to neither learn or listen. I guess it’s true some must always learn their own mistakes and youth feels invincible, yet I wonder if media and society didn’t put such an emphasis on the importance of fame and wealth there would be a lot more who might choose to take the advice?

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