Yuletide Photo Quotes Cheer On the Worst Day Of The Year

Yuletide Photo Quotes Cheer On The Worst Day of the Year, oops, I mean the Shortest Day.

Short and sweet. It’s the first day of winter, hello… Breathe in the gloom, breathe out the light. A little more daylight every day from today forward.

The colder, darker season is made for hygge coziness by the fire and hot drinks. If you’re a nervous Nellie, you’ll find it easier to meditate and go within. If you’ve ever wanted to try shamanic journeying, now is good. Not that anything is easy with Saturn making a serious appearance in Capricorn for the next three years. It’s time to grow up no matter what your age. It’s time to manifest what you really, really want because you can. It’s an not airy fairy notion but grounded in reality. Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by the heaviest, take no prisoners Saturn. It means business, practically and metaphorically. Plan it. Do it.

Today, the Solstice is a heavy, slow day. Expect delays but worst day of the year is an exaggeration. Maybe. Maybe you can practice some law of attraction magic or maybe surrender to what is.

Whatever you focus on expands

magic_believe_Boomermuse solstice


And because there is no better city in the world than New York City to feel the sparkle and light of the season… This was taken a few weeks ago by Grand Central Station for another post that didn’t get written. Until next time, feel the joy.  If it’s buried under layers of crap and stress, it’s still there. It’s there even if you need to dig for it or ask: Where is my joy? What brings me joy? When did I feel joy? What did that feel like?

Take a deep breath in and slow breath out. Again. It’s not the worst day of the year.

Joy will eventually and naturally bubble to the surface like an underground stream. Happy Yule.