Mother Nature Is A Bitch But Everything

Mother Nature Is A Bitch but only if we don’t treat her right. Maybe I’m one for not treating you right. I recently discovered how easy it is to edit a photo on my phone and share it on Pinterest. That’s one reason I haven’t blogged here lately. I often will post something to Instagram, […]

saying good-bye to summer 2012

A Blast From The Past: Zen and Now

If necessity is the mother of invention, then I hit the mother-lode. While scrolling through our crazy massive archives I found screenshots of old blog posts. These are the lost orphans that disappeared during the WordPress which shall not be named. While I don’t have all 2000 posts, there are quite a few. The image […]

autumn-quote-time-leaf Zen

How To Prepare For Autumn Zen With Sprezzatura

How To Prepare For Autumn Zen is not a to-do list but a to-be state of mind. No instructions. No rules. Just a little autumn Haiku and sprezzatura. This image is a departure for me but its simplicity speaks volumes or not. I’ve been struggling with simplicity lately in my creative work. My mind wants […]

end of summer quotes

What Summer Looks Like Now

Summer looks like this now, or at least it did yesterday on a hot afternoon north of NYC. The lush greens are fading, fall berries are ripening and the first pumpkins are here. There’s a contradictory energy in the air, equal parts languid and urgent. A feeling of wanting to hang on,  enjoy every last […]

Garden Muse summer day  8

Only 86 Barefoot Summer Days Left

Summer is short.  With summer barely out of the gate, it’s feels like endless barefoot days ahead but there are only 86 days until fall. Here’s a crazy idea. I thought I’d focus all our photo quotes on the magic, brevity and joy of summer by numbering them. In an ideal world, there would be […]


Top 10 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers and Readers

  Love quotes and motivation? Of course you do. Let’s get the week off in the right direction with my top 10 fave motivational quotes for bloggers that also apply to readers. Plus a pretty pic  just because it’s Monday and my magnolia tree is at its peak of blossoming.  I know it’s not right […]

garden muse think light be light quote

Be The Light

        Some of you fell through the cracks. Subscribers that is and I apologize for any missing notifications. I’ve only been posting about once weekly, so if you’ve missed anything just scroll down. Are you on Pinterest?  It’s fun looking at the insane variety of creative boards there pinned by everyone and […]

Spring snowdrop magic quote

When Irish Eyes Aren’t Smiling But

You know things aren’t okay when it’s 3 am and I’m racing to get a post up. After an excruciating day of slow and crashing computers I called my host, Godaddy and apparently they are at fault for the  “failure to connect to data base” error message. I’ve spent hours getting another blog ready and it […]

garden muse quote snowed under

The Garden Muse Wisdom: Do This When Snowed Under

The stone garden muse has been literally snowed under and so have I: on every level.  Buried with work and piles of papers, laundry and snow growing is this winter’s metaphor. It was time to drop everything a visit Her.  The icy crust made walking difficult but I was determined to get up close and […]