Mother Nature Is A Bitch But Everything

Mother Nature Is A Bitch but only if we don’t treat her right. Maybe I’m one for not treating you right. I recently discovered how easy it is to edit a photo on my phone and share it on Pinterest. That’s one reason I haven’t blogged here lately. I often will post something to Instagram, […]


Inspiration and Cherry Blossoms Have No Timetable

Inspiration and Cherry Blossoms Have No Timetable and neither does Mother Nature. Last week I dashed over to see the cherry blossoms at dusk. I’d already photographed them earlier on blue sky day The park is only 5 minutes from my house and something told me to go. I knew I wouldn’t have time to go […]


Make Time For A Honey of a Rosh Hashanah

It’s the Jewish New Year. No matter what religion you follow, the kick off to the holiday season seems to begin earlier every year.  Advertising is already about Halloween and  yikes, turkey time. With our busy lives it takes effort to make the holidays meaningful. For A Honey of a Rosh Hashanah, simple take a […]

end of summer quotes

What Summer Looks Like Now

Summer looks like this now, or at least it did yesterday on a hot afternoon north of NYC. The lush greens are fading, fall berries are ripening and the first pumpkins are here. There’s a contradictory energy in the air, equal parts languid and urgent. A feeling of wanting to hang on,  enjoy every last […]

sundial quote-poem mark ford

A Poem For Every Blogger Having A Bad Day

Last year I tore a tiny strip from the New York Times and taped it to my desktop. I meant to blog about it, the snippet of a poem by British poet Mark Ford but instead it stayed as a blogger mantra until now. All bloggers have bad days or bored, inspiration doldrums but unlike […]


All NEW: Triple Treat of Cool Rumi Photo Quotes

        An iced latte is cool or maybe a  triple scoop of ice cream. I can’t help you there but I do have a bumper crop of Rumi photo quotes leftover from last week.  Here are are three more for a triple treat of Rumi. His age old wisdom is as fresh […]

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You Won’t Want A Private Jet To Travel Here

Last week I blogged about the joys of travel even in crappy situations but the truth is you don’t need to travel. Travel expands your minds and stretches horizons but inner  journeys go farther.  I’ve finally gotten to enjoy Instagram  in a weird mix of wonder and puzzlement. There was a selfie of unhappy looking […]

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You Love Cold, I Love Hot. Leave The A/C Off

    Just saying: there are only 62 days left of summer. I’m enjoying every drop of sweat and don’t mind sleeping without A/C. Okay, maybe turned on low. Meanwhile I have a friend who is doing a summer countdown with the opposite intention. She hates the heat and lives for cool weather.  I’ll continue […]

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Persian Garden Inspiration By Rumi

Persian Garden Inspiration By Rumi is our theme this week. We begin the week with a double dose of water lily love. Remember, the entrance to the sanctuary is within you.  It’s  the ultimate in self-deception to think otherwise.  The sanctuary is peace, love and all we hold sacred and true. And the inspiration you […]

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Summer Tip of the Day: Juicy!

              When I started the summer countdown I didn’t expect the days the whiz by as fast as the 4th of July fireworks. Yikes, the fireworks are over and there are only 77 days left of summer. Are you making juicy memories? Finding the joy in hidden unexpected places? […]