I’ll Have What She’s Having (Not)

I’ll Have What She’s Having (Not) Before most millennials were born, the iconic line from the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally still resonates but what about the food? And why am I suddenly hating on millennials? I found out a couple weeks ago and no, I did not follow in the footsteps of the thousands […]


Inspiration in Unlikely Places Like SeaWorld

Yesterday I instagrammed a pic at museum where you’d think the art would be the main attraction but found cellphones mesmerized. Everyone had one in their hands. We now live in a culture where a bright piece of digital plastic holds more sway than a masterpiece. While the museum goers gazed into screens oblivious to […]


What Your Future Self Craves

What Your Future Self Craves is the good you could do today. It could be altruistic or humanitarian but chances are you have that covered. What your future self is probably craving and hoping you do is self-care now. Women give and keep giving from the time they get married, have their first child to taking […]


Best Advice About Life From A Dead Man

  The best advice ever is old, simple and pure. The master of simple words that pack a punch, Ernest Hemingway said it best. Keep learning, breathe deeply, sleep deeply, feel pleasure but feel all your feelings because you bloody well can. And yeah, we’ll all be dead soon enough.   And for all you […]

NYC stories

8.4 Million New York Stories: Only One Counts

There are over 8.4 million people living in New York City and everyone of them has a story.  The one that counts is the one that touches us the most in the moment. Usually it’s our own story. New Yorkers like most big city residents are in a hurry and absorbed in their own world. […]

waterlilies pond quotes-rumi-travel

You Won’t Want A Private Jet To Travel Here

Last week I blogged about the joys of travel even in crappy situations but the truth is you don’t need to travel. Travel expands your minds and stretches horizons but inner  journeys go farther.  I’ve finally gotten to enjoy Instagram  in a weird mix of wonder and puzzlement. There was a selfie of unhappy looking […]

think big quotes-air travel

Looking Small But Thinking Big

  Airplanes have small windows but see big worlds.  They appear as huge metal birds on the ground but tiny specks in the sky. They feel spacious when you don’t have anyone next to you. They feel tin can small when the stranger next to you invades your personal space. Airplanes  are what they are […]

Travel once a year quote.

Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before

  Our summer countdown continues scary fast. Yes, there are only 66 days of summer left.  I did a series of photographs about airplanes and travel which I may share a few in a flurry over the next week.   These days air travel has a bad rap. Delays, being squished into flying sardine cans […]

Iris time quote

Iris Time

The irises in my garden were budding on the day I left for Nashville 12 days ago and they’re all but gone to papery crisp today. How did this happen? How did June turn up so quickly? How could the never-ending winter leave no traces as I walk barefoot on the grass; feet with no […]

Happy Earth Day quote

Earth To Humans: Today is Your Holiday

Happy Earth Day! I’d planned on posting something fabulous and went a Google image search for “Earth Day Quotes”.  The very first image that popped up was mine, stolen on site with many others claiming they were free.  They made it almost impossible to leave a comment and there was no contact info. I finally […]