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Chinese New Year Good Fortune Without The Cookie

Chinese New Year Good Fortune without the cookie. Yes, no calories either. If you feel the new year hasn’t quite kicked it yet, wait until tomorrow. The Chinese New Year begins tomorrow with a new moon, the auspicious time for new beginnings. It’s a 15-day celebration and will kick start any sluggish January beginnings. I […]


Why 2017 is Going to Be Better #2016bestofnine

Why 2017 is Going to Be Better and our #2016bestofnine. It comes down to numbers. In numerology, 2016 resonated to a #9 year (add up the single digits of the year). It’s the end of a nine year cycle and the time when we’re itching to slough off the past and more than ready for […]

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Boomer Muse Is Back

Everything changes and transforms with time. Can you believe it? The Boomer Muse is back, finally! But don’t get too excited, there’s a boatload of tweaking to do so it’ll be awhile before I blog normally. Normally? Yeah right. My life hasn’t been normal since maybe a past life. ┬áThe good news is I like […]