Hugging Trees Proven To Help Stress

Tree hugging quote

It’s nice when science catches up to what humans have known since the dawn of time. Hugging trees is now scientifically proven to improve health, lower stress and anxiety according to a new study. And it’s not only trees but all plants have healing benefits. In Blinded by Science the chapter on plants is a rehash for those of us weaned on A Secret Life Of Plants back in the ’70s.

And you don’t even have to actually throw your arms around a tree to reap its benefits. Simply being nearby works its magic. I’m a proud tree-hugger since age two and one of the best features of our property are old growth trees. There’s a massive Siberian elm with roots as thick as bodybuilder’s legs. They protrude from the earth and are our cat’s favorite ┬áspots to scratch and lay across. I have no doubt, it’s their version of tree hugging, sopping up the healing tree energy.

If you’re nowhere near any trees, here’s some plant eye candy ┬áto enjoy (and no annoying ads.)