Say No to New Year Resolutions. Do This Instead.

Did you know 92% of New Years resolutions fail? Why begin something new with those kinds of odds of failing? No one needs another reason to beat themselves up. There’s no question goals of every kind are reached every day. From the time we’re born every one of us has achieved tons of goals from learning to walk, speak, write, use a computer, drive a car, learn to write code or poetry, speak a foreign language, bake a souffle or a million other things. Losing weight or becoming president may elude us but so what? Say no to New Year Resolutions. Do this instead.

Think about all the things you’ve managed to do, complete successfully and how you did them. Perhaps you were coaxed to study for an exam or simply motivated on your own because you wanted something BADLY. Desire drives and motivates but so does fear or love. What doesn’t work is trying to do the same old thing and expecting a different result.  If you want a positive change (and that’s personal. What’s positive for you may not be for me), do this instead.  Try something different. And it’s not a goal or resolution in the distant or near future; it’s right NOW. It’s every action, every day in the moment. So you screw up. Try again. Fall down seven times, get up eight.  Drop by drop the well fills,  step-by-step  journeys are completed. Not in the future but in the now.  It’s

The secret is NO ONE has the ANSWER for YOU. Only YOU have the KEY because it’s within you.  No one knows how exactly you feel. They aren’t in your head or body. No one can experience your life but you.  Stop listening to gurus, Oprah, motivational coaches, celebrities, your family or friends. Don’t listen to me. Listen only to YOU. Everyone has the same 24 hours a day, the same 365 days a year, the same inner wisdom, the same divine heart center. We all come from the same powerful source. Don’t give away your power. Only YOU can decide to when begin to open new doors, if at all.

Happy 2015!


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P.S.  Over the past six years of doing New Year’s blog posts, this is the first time I didn’t post on the dot. I’m almost a week late. Does it matter? No. For me,  I don’t have an issue with external influences but I’ve done plenty of battle with internal bullies and dictators at the expense of my health.  I used to post 12 posts between two blogs every week. You must do this! Duh, no I don’t. I’d rather sleep, play with my cats, bake cookies, go for a walk…

It may not seem like a big victory or progress to you but it’s pivotal shift in how I now approach all my online and creative work. What will manifest, change or come out of it in 2015? I don’t know yet but hang around, subscribe and you’ll find out soon enough. I really hope you open new doors. Let me know what your key opens.



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    1. Thanks, Chris. Even when we know it, it helps having reminders.

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