Two Sides to Every Story and Doorway

This week marks the 6th anniversary of blogging at Boomer Muse. Yes, really. But you only have a handful of posts you say? Sadly, we still can’t believe our migration to WordPress left us archiveless and starting from scratch. Most of our 1700+ posts with thousands of images sit in files waiting to be manually added one by one.  The reality of that Sisyphean task being completed is as likely as me winning a Pulitzer and finding the cure for cancer.

You’d think I’d be a Medusa head of vitriol and remorse but oddly enough I’m at peace with what is. I’ll pop in my favorite old posts here and there and build a new/old archive. What’s most important is what I can create and share now.

As we head towards Labor Day and the psychological end to summer, I’d like to celebrate what’s left. The invisible boundary between seasons is a powerful time of transformation. There are always two sides: before and after and two sides to every story or doorway as the images point out. We can’t know the future but by looking back at both sides we get a fuller picture. If you like our new/old blog please share.

Persian gardensPersian gardens-001