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Unexpected Lessons From Dia del los Muertos

Unexpected Lessons From Dia del los Muertos by Layla Morgan Wilde The beautiful powerful bonfire ceremony last evening sparked this and in the spirit of change, I’m popping up new images and posting here instead of directly to Instagram or Facebook. I’ve neglected this blog and it’s a way of honoring my work to serve […]


Leonard Cohen, Visionary Canadian Zen Singer/Songwriter/Muse Dies at 82

Leonard Cohen, Visionary Canadian Zen Singer/Songwriter/Muse Dies at 82. A gloomy week in the U.S. turned darker. The world has lost an iconic poet with a body of work spanning 60 years. Leonard Cohen’s instantly recognizable gravelly voice and ageless wisdom will continue to inspire generations to come. My introduction to Cohen was in Montreal. […]


I’ll Have What She’s Having (Not)

I’ll Have What She’s Having (Not) Before most millennials were born, the iconic line from the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally still resonates but what about the food? And why am I suddenly hating on millennials? I found out a couple weeks ago and no, I did not follow in the footsteps of the thousands […]

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Taking The Stairs Two At A Time

Do you remember the last time you felt energized and motivated to take the stairs two at time? I don’t.  I also don’t remember when my knees began to creak and complain.  Suddenly all kinds of people I know are having knee surgery, back surgery, MRIs, procedures I can’t spell or pronounce. The only thing […]


Memories and Backdoor Thieves

One of my favorite long time readers disappeared during the unfortunate blog migration and he emailed me recently to see how I was doing. I guess he missed the email about the changes. Countless other readers also fell through the cracks and I was doubly delighted to hear from him. Not only would he leave […]


MLK Day Staircase of Faith

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I found a staircase image I’d taken last summer which fit a quote of his on faith to a tee. In the spirit of faith and rising to challenges, I hope it inspires you to press on this week to greatness no matter how small.


The Past is Never Dead

One of the reasons I love old crumbling artifacts and architecture, worn stones and yellowed pages, is they remind me that the past is never dead, as the Faulkner quote goes. Even when they’re dead, they aren’t past but continue to haunt. Old memories resurface. Archaeologists dig up something new. Forgotten treasures are lost and […]


Say No to New Year Resolutions. Do This Instead.

Did you know 92% of New Years resolutions fail? Why begin something new with those kinds of odds of failing? No one needs another reason to beat themselves up. There’s no question goals of every kind are reached every day. From the time we’re born every one of us has achieved tons of goals from […]

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Death as a Doorway: RIP Lorie Huston

About a month ago, I started scribbling notes for my doors and window series all about the beauty of crumbling beauty and decay. At the same time I’d done a Q & A with a friend at my other blog Cat Wisdom 101 and then thought nothing further. I’d looked forward to seeing her at a […]